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Founded on over 20 years of industry experience

Enkom is an independent consultancy providing business, commercial and project management services to the construction industry.

Who we are

Established in 2011 and founded on many years of industry experience, we offer expertise, commitment and consistency in everything we do.

How we can help

We deliver projects, on time and with real value. Enkom will use specific skilla and expeirence to guide projects such that they delivery client’s goals and meet objectives. Our mission will be business improvements within a team culture, underpinned and bound by strong working relationships.

Personal insights

  • Martyn Jenkins

    Martyn Jenkins

    Managing Director

    Martyn has over 20 years' experience working for public and private clients across a variety of sectors. However, he is best known for his work in the nuclear industry where he is recognised for his expertise in both programme and project cost management. He has been a key speaker at various energy industry events and has presented a paper on nuclear decommissioning costs to Cranfield University.

    A former director at Corderoy Energy Limited, Martyn established Enkom in 2011 to provide business and cost management services to the UK energy sector. He advised the strategy and development function on project costs for all 10 nuclear sites within Magnox Limited and is currently providing assurance support to Nugen.

    Martyn believes that the challenges faced by the nuclear sector and the way they have been addressed are equally applicable to other major projects. Therefore, whilst still committed to the energy sector, and nuclear in particular, as Managing Director of Enkom he is now looking to use this experience to lead an expansion of the business.

    As someone who has spent over a decade working in the nuclear power industry at a strategic level, few people are better placed to view the constant debate over energy costs than Martyn Jenkins.

    Whilst at Corderoy he had overall responsibility within the UK for operational energy projects, clients and staff management, as well as business strategy and opportunities, Martyn possesses insight and expertise in an environment where costs can often resemble telephone numbers.

    "In industries regulated on price there is an obvious tension between making sure investment is maintained, and that standards don't slip, plus the demands of the public in terms of affordability," he says. "Controlling costs is therefore fundamental."

    The cost of the proposed new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset, with two nuclear reactors, is estimated at around £15bn. The UK government has suggested that as many as 10 new plants might be needed to meet climate change goals in the future.

    These are ambitious targets, particularly when coupled with the ongoing costs and challenges of current decommissioning.

    It is in this context that Martyn has proven commercial awareness in the delivery of projects to scope, schedule and cost and has extensive experience in dealing directly with senior executives and directors from both public and private organisations.

    He has also managed business processes and undertaken assurance reviews and audits across several national nuclear businesses. He was lead consultant in an independent review of the whole life cycle costs on behalf of a UK nuclear plc and has provided advice and support to the strategy and development function within Magnox Limited.

    "There is a significant lack of project cost data within nuclear decommissioning, which is an area I'm leading work on at the moment. It will bring huge benefits around the certainty of costs.

    "What people want on any project is certainty. Of course, finding savings is great but it's about providing an accurate, realistic picture rather simply telling people what they want to hear."

    Aside from his nuclear expertise, Martyn has experience in cost reduction and value engineering strategies including de-scoping, deferment and resource reallocation across a number of sectors such as utilities, civil engineering and building projects.

    It is this range of skills that Martyn now brings to Enkom at a time when the number of large scale construction projects is expanding, but with the focus very much on cost.

    He adds: "This is an optimistic time, but the need, as ever, is for experience. Enkom provides a service at the strategic level, to ensure planning and budget development for a successful outcome."

  • Julian Price

    Julian Price

    Development Director

    Julian has undertaken the lead in the commercial and contract management of major engineering projects as diverse as the high voltage infrastructure at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 to Russian oil and gas plants. In 2013 he became Project Director of the prestigious Jumeirah Golf Estates, home to the tour ending finale of the European Tour's 'Race to Dubai'.

    Formerly an Equity Partner and Director of Needlemans Limited, following their sale to Mott MacDonald Julian was appointed Head of Cost Management, Middle East with responsibility for overseeing the successful recovery of the sector following the global crash in 2008. Since joing Enkom in 2014 he has focused on the developement and delivery of Enkom's services in infrstructure, securing commissions in South Wales, the South East and internationally.

    Julian has an MBA from Henley Management College and is used to working with clients at a senior level, understanding their business drivers. This ensures that clients get the best value from their consultants, who, in turn, can benefit from stable and sustained growth - a genuine 'win - win' situation.

    Julian Price moved to the Middle East when it was still boom time, with the construction of mega-projects seemingly around every corner and new buildings soaring skyward on each horizon. Initially, this was as commercial lead on a 62,500 seat 'comfort cooled' stadium in Abu Dhabi with retractable roof - a project that raised the same climatic challenges as those now facing Qatar in the building of stadia and infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup.

    Then, came the crash. At the end of 2008, he says: "It had dropped off a cliff. People were just stopping projects where they stood, leaving their cars at the airport, and going home."

    Julian decided to stay, though, and stick it out. When the market was at its toughest, Julian helped lead Mott MacDonald's diversification into other regions such as post-war Iraq, providing support to the major overseas oil companies who required detailed condition surveys of existing assets and the construction of oil field support facilities. He then went on to manage the commercial contracts for the construction of a new headquarters for the Afghanistan Investment Bank in Kabul.

    In Basra, he spent time operating under the protection of private security firms. He says: "I was at a military camp at Basra airport. Occasionally there were some big bangs. But I always felt safer there than I did driving on the road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi."

    In 2011 he was appointed Head of Cost Management, Middle East, overseeing a team that had been reduced to just eight quantity surveyors for the whole region. Eventually, he would help build that number back up to in excess of 40; more than were originally engaged prior to the economic downturn.

    Julian has extensive experience on both the consultancy and contracting sides of the industry. He began his career with Costain Civil Engineering before spending time with consultants Corderoy and Needlemans. He has undertaken the lead in the commercial and contract management of major engineering projects as diverse as the high voltage infrastructure at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 to Russian oil and gas plants. At Needlemans he became Business Development Director where he helped build the organisation to 45 people before its sale to Mott MacDonald in January 2008.

    Now, as director at Enkom, he is utilising those management skills and experience in a new environment as the industry continues to evolve.

    He adds: "When projects fail it is because of uncertainty. The minute there is uncertainty there is risk. Clients want predictability. They want to know how much it is going to cost and when they have to pay the money.

    "There is now recognition again of the value of independent expertise from smaller, leaner companies where a competitive edge gives the best deal for the customer."

  • John Wedlake

    John Wedlake


    John is a former Partner and Director of a major International cost consultancy practice. During this time he was joint head of the company's highways and civil engineering sector and also head of their energy sector. In this capacity he provided consultancy advice at the highest level to governments and blue chip private sector clients, gaining many plaudits for his work.

    A Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, John is well placed to offer a wealth of experience and expertise in all areas of major construction contracts, including financial audits and the settlement of disputes and claims.

    His wide-ranging experience at the most senior level, along with respect from industry peers, was integral to John being appointed as Chariman of Enkom. In this capacity, he brings the vital skills of strategy development and stewardship needed to continue the companies growth.