Our Work

Founded on over 20 years of industry experience

Project services

As consultants we operate in all areas of cost and commercial management across the construction industry, with a particular specialism in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

Our clients are given expert professional advice on commercial and contractual matters. We provide specialist knowledge of project costs, industry procedures and client systems.

Many sectors of the construction industry are transforming and with that change comes the necessity for the cost consultant to be flexible and imaginative with a wide and varied commercial skills base.

There is also an increasing need for the consultant to be involved from the earliest stages of any project in order to ensure successful cost planning. In this way clear processes can be established as well as improved contractual conditions.

In environments that can often be uncertain, we offer precision and authority from highly qualified personnel in the following areas:

  • Procurement advice, contract strategy and administration
  • Cost management, comprising budgeting, estimating and control
  • Commercial management and dispute service

Energy / Nuclear services

For over 10 years Enkom, through its senior staff, have been acting as advisors to major energy clients on cost management and commercial practices. In the nuclear sector, Enkom has established itself as a respected and extremely knowledgeable company working with major UK and US companies and agencies on nuclear decommissioning and new build.

Our hands-on involvement with projects at the leading edge of nuclear clean-up and waste management means we have developed extensive expertise in scope, cost and schedule interfaces, including regulatory involvement and stakeholder management.

Services provided cover cost planning at concept phase, budget advice for business cases, advising on cost control systems and data structures, cost and commercial management arrangements at project, programme and portfolio levels.

International Services

Enkom staff have experience of undertaking commissions and delivering projects across the world. This includes post-conflict countries and emerging economies where clients are often starting from a zero base and are totally reliant on professional advice.

Cultural issues are equally as important as local market knowledge and because of this the ‘one size fit all’ approach, adopted by many major consultancies, does not succeed. As in all our commissions we work closely with clients, often helping them to develop a brief which ensures their overall objective is met.

Where necessary we help them understand the local market conditions and the influence or restrictions these may create. We can then provide leadership through the appointment of suitable contractors – ensuring they are engaged in a way which supports project objectives. Countries where we have experience include: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Canada, Iraq, Ireland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and the USA.

Infrastructure Services

An improving infrastructure is vital for the growth and development of a nation, whether this be on highways, rail, marine, air travel or utilities projects. Within Enkom Consulting we have extensive expertise within all of these sectors in the UK, Ireland and overseas.

Our Directors are highly experienced in the provision of a range of commercial services – supported by skilled personnel – at every stage of a project from inception to completion, including the management and resolution of claims and disputes. This has been gained over many years on highways, major trunk roads, airports and runways, railways, pipelines, plus many other heavy civil engineering contracts.

We pride ourselves in meeting the increasing challenges of time and cost by working closely with our clients (be they end user, engineer or contractor) and helping to provide innovative solutions to solve difficult issues. We are currently involved in a number of high profile road schemes in South Wales as well as the current programme of water projects in the South East.